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Bioinformatic Support

The Golden Helix Bioinformatic Support Team is here to help you succeed. Our top priority is to make sure that the Golden Helix software is installed and working properly on your computer and that you have the tools you need to complete your research. Whether you need help importing your data, suspect a bug in the program, or if you need to find a technical paper referenced in the software, the experts at Golden Helix will have the answer you need. We are committed to providing you with the resources you need to complete your analysis.

If you are interested in becoming an expert in SVS, we offer SVS Certification and Training. Learn more here »

If you need assistance with the design and execution of your research project, the Golden Helix analytical services division is available to help. Please contact one of our representatives to learn more about our services offerings.


SVS Tutorials

With every major release if a major step in a tutorial has changed or the dialog window has changed, the tutorials are updated to provide the current recommendations for settings and analysis. Tutorials are not only a great resource for learning how to use SVS, but also to learn how features have been expanded and updated to reflect current customer needs and requests.

  Our 2 SNPs...

Our 2 SNPs...® Golden Helix Blog

The Golden Helix blog is an excellent resource for information on how to use the software as well as current recommended workflows. Our support team publishes blog articles for common questions posed by our customers as well as through trying out our software.

Technical Support Bulletins

Technical Support Bulletins

Technical support bulletins are provided to notify users of known bugs, available scripts, and software updates. You can also subcribe via a reader or email.

  SVS Manual

SVS Manual

The SVS manual is updated with every major release and contains up-to-date information on all features in the software as well as screenshots and formulas used for analysis. The manual is a comprehensive resource for learning about SVS.


One-on-One Web-Based Training for SVS

Personal web meetings are conducted using the telephone or VoIP and your favorite web browser. This format enables us to turn the presentation over to you so you can show us what is happening on your computer screen (with your permission of course). This allows us to safely guide you through analyses on your own datasets without having to exchange any files. Request a personal web meeting by emailing us »

Platform-Specific Information

Affymetrix Support - For support for Affymetrix users, click here.

Illumina Support - For support for Illumina users, click here. Also please consider contacting the Golden Helix analytical services division for advice specific to the complications that arise from Illumina data.

Combining Data from Multiple Sources - This difficult task has many complexities. For assistance or information on how to do this properly, please contact the Golden Helix analytical services division. This includes matching strands and/or strand flipping procedures.

Contact Bioinformatic Customer Support with SVS Questions

Our support hours are Monday through Friday 9:00 am through 5:00 pm Mountain Time. Email technical support requests are usually responded to the same business day, and in most cases within a couple of hours.

We request that you provide your license ID when you contact support together with explicit details of the request at a minimum. The more thorough the details of the question or problem the easier it will be to provide an answer in a timely manner.

Phone: 888.589.4629 or 406.585.8137

Video Tutorials

Just getting started and want a quick overview of how to navigate GenomeBrowse? Check out our video tutorials! We'll cover the basics of adding BAM files and public annotations, how to zoom, and get you familiar with the plot controls.

Community Site for Questions and Feature Requests

GenomeBrowse is a free product with a community-support model. If you have questions about how to do something, have a bug to report, or would like to suggest a great new feature, make your voice heard at our community site. The log-in account you created when installing GenomeBrowse is all you need.

PDF Resources

Download a four-page Getting Started PDF that gets you up and running, including a diagram of the GenomeBrowse interface and a Reference Sheet that has shortcuts, keyboard controls, and more.


See GenomeBrowse in action! These recorded webcasts show how others are using GenomeBrowse to view their sequence data.

We do not currently offer phone or email support for GenomeBrowse. Please direct all questions to our community site.

"Well I guess my trial license is over. I wanted to thank you and everyone else that I dealt with from your company. Your customer service was OUTSTANDING!

"Golden Helix software has been intuitively easy to use. In addition it comes with a great support in form of knowledgeable people in the company. It has helped me tremendously with my genetic analysis."

"The technical support we have received from Golden Helix is in a different league."

"Your team is the best when it comes to customer support and assistance. It is a great pleasure to work with you."

"Your sales and support teams have given us a personalized and prompt service that shames all the other vendors. You trust our ideas and suggestions, and are eager to incorporate them into your tools. It sometimes feels more like a partnership than a service, and even though it's silly, we can't help wishing we could get that 'standard' of service from everyone."

"The support from GH is absolutely top notch, best I have come across."

"Golden Helix is serious company that cares about their customers. While I was a customer, I had all sorts of help available. The people are great."

"The tech support is excellent! Staff members are very competent."

"The one thing I really appreciate about Golden Helix is the accessibility of the company personnel and their willingness to help the customers. This sets you guys apart."

"Golden Helix staff provided tremendous technical support and computing expertise. They helped me quickly learn the software, provided helpful statistical guidance and rapidly developed novel custom features when requested."

"I have been dealing with customer support and sales for biotechnology and software companies for years, and I have not yet met anyone like the customer support representatives at Golden Helix. I was so pleased with their knowledge about the software as well as being extremely knowledgeable about the statistics and the types of data that I was working with. They answered all of my email questions the same day and were even at their desk when I tried to call (which is pretty unheard of for support folks)!"

"The staff is extremely responsive to answering questions and providing help."

"The customer service is excellent. Any researcher working with new software platforms knows there is a learning curve to proper statistical research. The Golden Helix team has been incredibly helpful answering questions and providing help topics on their website. This all makes the user experience much less intimidating."

"The support team is always available to solve any issues."

"I am writing to inform you on the exceptional technical help and support that your support team has provided me during the past couple of months. I am a biochemist/cancer biologist by training and had a microarray dataset that I wished to analyze. They walked me through the entire process. During the course of this training, they displayed patience, resourcefulness, knowledge, thorough understanding of the process and ability to explain things in terms that a biologist would understand. No matter how many times I called/emailed during the day, they would respond each time with the same interest and willingness to solve the issue. It is due to their commitment and excellent technical support that I feel confident about being able to analyze the next project on my own."

"GH technical support has the nicest people I've ever worked with. They typically email me within minutes or call me to explain things to make it easier - they are VERY prompt. I am very, very pleased with the treatment that I consider special, but I am sure the GH team would do the same for every customer."

"The support team is fantastic."

"I was able to call the fine folks at Golden Helix and get both my technical and scientific questions answered in the same day. There are lots of resources for getting your questions answered, but getting a forum response two days later from 'SeqGeek96815' doesn't compare to having a team of scientists, statisticians, programmers, and product specialists on the other end of a telephone whose job it is to answer your questions."

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