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SVS 8.8.1 Release Notes

New Features

  • The CNV Caller on NGS Target Regions algorithm has been updated to reflect the latest improvements to VS-CNV 2.0. This includes a simpler way of tuning the algorithm for higher precision versus higher sensitivity. The algorithm is now availabe on the Mac platform as well.


  • During import of VCF files, optional sample-level fields that were numeric arrays were being imported as missing if they was more than a single value in the array for a cell. Now the columns that contain these multi-valued cells will import as strings (categorical). This helps for users who were using specialized scripts that relied on these strings.

Bugs Fixed

  • The “Invalid identifier field:” error created when annotating against OMIM or OncoMD data sources has been fixed and these fields can again be used for annotating variants and SNPs.
  • Annotating variants with “Interval” track types was not working and has been fixed to match expected behavior.
  • Running the PhoRank algorithm no longer causes an immediate crash.
Updated on March 9, 2021

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