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VarSeq Installation on Rocky Linux 8

This article covers the basics of installing VarSeq on Rocky Linux 8. There are some considerations that are distribution specific. Please see VarSeq System Requirements for details on hardware requirements. For more information about Rocky Linux please see Rocky Linux.

Install System Dependencies

VarSeq is a desktop GUI application that has a number of system dependencies on Linux. The majority of these dependencies will be installed with a “desktop” distribution, but some will not be installed by default for “server” distributions.

The packages and install command will vary with each version of Linux. You will find install instructions here for the officially supported distributions and versions:

The following install command can be used to ensure all required packages are installed:

yum install nss libXrender libXcomposite libXdamage libXi libXrandr libXtst libXcursor fontconfig freetype

Download The Latest VarSeq

The following URL will always download the latest version of VarSeq:


Download this to your target Linux machine interactively or using the command:

wget https://www.goldenhelix.com/download/VarSeq/VarSeq-Lin64.tar.gz

Extract out the VarSeq installer from the location you would like VarSeq to exist. We suggest /opt/

tar -xzf VarSeq-Lin64-tar.gz

Then navigate to the directory and launch VarSeq

cd VarSeq

Updated on November 16, 2022

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