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Golden Helix�s Twentieth Year Anniversary
by Andreas Scherer, Ph.D
President & CEO

If we take a look back in time, a lot happened in September 1998. It is the month in which the first ever �Who wants to be a Millionaire?� show debuted on ITV in Britain. Larry Page and Sergey Brin incorporated Google in September, registering the domain on September 15, 1998. And on that very same day, we officially formed Golden Helix, Inc. as a business entity! A few days later, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) was formed. The movie �Rush Hour� starring Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker was released. MCI Communications and WorldCom announced their mega-merger to form MCI WorldCom. And yes, the Human Genome Project was on its way � but it would take another four and a half years to be completed...
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CNV Setup & Quality Assessment Series
Future Direction of Golden Helix
by Andreas Scherer, Ph.D
President & CEO

Celebrating our 20th Anniversary on September 15th, we took some time to reflect on the last two decades in this industry. Two decades of learning, adaption, and growth on the business side as well as the personal side. Employees began their careers with us, made new friends and started their own families. These past 20 years are full of stories�
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GWAS Quality Control Withing SVS
Golden Helix Receives NIH-SBIR Phase 2 Grant 2R44 GM125432-02
by Delaina Hawkins
Marketing Manager

Integrating CNV analysis into a NextGen sequencing clinical analytics platform Golden Helix, Inc., an industry-leading genomic analytics company that specializes in clinical Next-Gen Sequencing analysis software, has announced today that the National Institutes of Health awarded them a Phase 2 SBIR Grant 2R44 GM125432-02 �Integrating CNV analysis into a NextGen sequencing clinical analytics platform�. This grant was awarded to develop�
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   CEO Corner
Andreas Scherer
We just celebrated Golden Helix�s 20th Anniversary last month which is an incredible mark. In our case, this means that we are accelerating in the precision medicine area which is very exciting and fulfilling to be a part of. Moving forward, our company will continue to focus around three key pillars which I have outlined in a recent blog post which you can find here. Fittingly, with innovation being our first pillar, we were just awarded a Phase II SBIR Grant from the NIH. You can learn more about what this award will help our company develop in our full press release found here. I look forward to hopefully meeting with lots of new and familiar faces at ASHG. If you will be attending the conference, please stop by our booth #408 and say hello!
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Upgrades to VSWarehouse: Storing your CNV & ACMG results

October 10, 2018 | 12:00 PM Eastern

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Golden Helix has created VSWarehouse as a solution to store the massive collection of sample and variant data output from your tertiary analysis. The classic VSWarehouse application provides a means of storing and querying on all your variant data from VarSeq projects. On top of storing your variants, VSWarehouse also stores your assessment catalogs and clinical reports. Regarding VarSeq, we�ve made some massive workflow upgrades with CNV detection and ACMG guidelines in VSClinical...
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About Golden Helix
Golden Helix� is a global bioinformatics firm founded in 1998. Our largest outside investor is GlaxoSmithKline who invested early on into the company. We develop and sell an industry leading clinical solution that supports the analysis of sequencing data and the creation of clinical reports. Clinicians and researchers worldwide trust our solution. Over all these years we have accumulated a significant customer base conducting business with over 350 organizations globally with thousands of users leveraging our various analytics products. Our customers fall into five categories: Large Hospitals, Genetic Testing Labs, Pharmaceutical companies, major research organizations, and government organizations here in the US and internationally. Our work his referenced in over 1,100 publications such as Science, Nature and Nature Genetics.

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