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Automating Clinical Workflows: 3-Part Series
10 Most Innovative Pharma & Life Sciences Scolution Providers 2019
by Delaina Hawkins
Director of Marketing

Automating a clinical workflow creates a stable and repeatable clinical analysis. Automation reduces the potential to introduce human error, helps in regulatory compliance, and improves the precision of the clinical results. It is important to know that if you run a sample through your clinical pipeline, you are going to get the same results today as you will in 6 months. The key to reproducibility is the stability achieved through a reduction in human input... Continue Reading �

Top 5 Features of Sentieon
Automating Clinical Workflows: 3-Part Series
by Aidan Bickford
Software Engineer

Sentieon develops bioinformatics secondary analysis tools to process genomic data with high computing efficiency, fast turnaround time, exceptional accuracy and 100% consistency. These features are what led to the partnership of Golden Helix and Sentieon to provide users with a comprehensive solution for genomic data analysis... Continue Reading �

We're headed to AMP Global 2019 & ESHG 2019!
Looking Ahead...

We're headed to AMP Global 2019 & ESHG 2019!

Golden Helix is looking forward to several conferences taking place in the next few months. First, we will make our way to the AMP Global Congress 2019 in Hong Kong, May 16-18, 2019. Then, we will head to ESHG 2019 in Gothenburg, Sweden, June 15-18, 2019. If you will be attending either of these conferences as well, it would be wonderful to connect. Please let our team know if you would like to meet by emailing me at! We look forward to connecting with all of you who are attending.
   CEO Corner
Andreas Scherer
Golden Helix has been recognized by numerous outlets for our innovation and market leadership in the NGS space. This month we received the 10 Most Innovative Pharma and Life Sciences Solution Providers 2019 award from Insight Success. We are very humbled to be included in this list. I believe it is a testimony to our relentless efforts that have been funded by the NIH in conjunction with our own software improvements in general. We are committed to a strategy that relies on innovation, quality and customer satisfaction as the primary drivers for our company growth.
  Upcoming Webcast
VSWarehouse; a scalable, rapid genomic repository solution

May 8, 2019 | 12:00 PM EDT


Anyone handling NGS data understands the constant issue of not only storing all the variant data but also the difficulties in querying through a massive dataset. VarSeq has grown an excellent reputation for being a powerful filtration and annotation engine for NGS data. Tightly coupled with VarSeq is our genomic repository solution, VSWarehouse. VSWarehouse provides a means of storing all variant cohort data as well as rapid querying capabilities to quickly navigate through the, potentially, millions of variants you may amass over time...
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About Golden Helix
Golden Helix� is a global bioinformatics firm founded in 1998. Our largest outside investor is GlaxoSmithKline who invested early on into the company. We develop and sell an industry leading clinical solution that supports the analysis of sequencing data and the creation of clinical reports. Clinicians and researchers worldwide trust our solution. Over all these years we have accumulated a significant customer base conducting business with over 400 organizations globally with thousands of users leveraging our various analytics products. Our customers fall into five categories: Large Hospitals, Genetic Testing Labs, Pharmaceutical companies, major research organizations, and government organizations here in the US and internationally. Our work his referenced in over 1,300 publications such as Science, Nature and Nature Genetics.

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