End of Year Bundles are here - Abstract Competition is starting - and more! See what our team has been up to this month
September Newsletter
End of Year Bundles

End of Year Bundles for 2019  
By Delaina Hawkins 
Director of Marketing

It’s the most wonderful time of the year; our software specials are here! Now is the time to implement a Golden Helix solution to automate your workflows and analyze variants quick, easy, and affordably with our Year-End Bundles. Select packages that come once a year… these deals have been designed to fit your lab’s needs – and budget ... Read More

Kicking off our 2019/20 Abstract Competition

Kicking off our 2019/20 Abstract Competition 
By Andreas Scherer, Ph.D
President & CEO

Golden Helix strives to enable precision medicine by developing powerful software to support researchers and clinicians with complex analysis. One of my favorite events of the year is our abstract competition. This competition allows us to help our community by recognizing innovative ways to conduct a genomic analysis. I am pleased to announce that our 2019/20 Abstract Competition has officially begun... Read More

New VSClinical Tutorials

New VSClinical Tutorials 
By Cody Sarrazin, Ph.D
Product Quality Scientist

We have recently added two tutorials to help introduce customers to the ease and utility of the ACMG & AMP Guidelines incorporated in VSClinical :

Simplify Your GWAS & Genomic Prediction with SVS

Simplify Your GWAS & Genomic Prediction with SVS  
By Julia Love 
Field Application Scientist

SVS is a project-oriented program that manages and analyzes genomic datasets. This webcast will both statistically and visually explore the relationships among genetic variants within a cattle dataset. Even further, this webcast will evaluate genotypes with corresponding phenotypes to assess how well a model can predict a phenotype of interest.  Starting with genotypic data from the microarray and the recorded phenotypic data for each sample, we are ready to perform an association test on our raw genotypic data ... Read More

CEO Corner
New eBook: Clinical Variant Analysis for Cancer
Earlier this month we released our Year-End Bundles. If you have not already seen what is being offered this year, take a look at what remains! In addition, we are getting ready for our annual Abstract Competition starting on December 1st. This event is a company favorite because of the opportunity it provides for recognizing innovative ways our users are conducting their genomic analysis. I encourage all Golden Helix users to enter this competition, full details can be found here. Stay tuned for our upcoming announcement detailing all that’s in store for Golden Helix in 2020.
Upcoming Webcast

Simplify Your GWAS & Genomic Prediction with SVS  
December 4, 2019 | 12:00 PM Eastern

GWAS is a powerful approach to identify genomic regions and genetic variants associated with phenotypes. Whether you are investigating alleles that are common in humans with disease or finding single nucleotide variations that are optimal for cattle breeding, for whatever desirable trait you may be searching for, it is important to analyze SNPs to explain the variation that exists within that trait...

Customer Success

Congratulations to all of our customers who have published this month! To highlight just a few:

"Genetic Analysis of Novel Phenotypes for Farm Animal Resilience to Weather Variability" - Joanne Conington & Sebastian Mucha, Scotland Rural College / Published in BMC Genetics

"Diagnostic Pitfalls in Vitamin B6-dependent Epilepsy Caused by Mutations in the PLPBP Gene" -  Mads Bak, Jacob Ek & Colleagues, Copenhagen University Hospital / Published in JIMD Reports

Read more about the articles published over the month on our blog!

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