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ASHG 2015
Announcing VSWarehouse - Golden Helix's Data Warehouse Solution for genomic data
by Andreas Scherer,
President & CEO

So, why do we launch a new data warehouse product? Why did we build VSWarehouse? According to Grand View Market Research, the next generation sequencing (NGS) market size was $2.0 billion (USD) globally in 2014. This number is expected to grow from 2015 to 2022 at an annual rate of about 40%. What drives this phenomenon is the increasing number of treatment options for Precision Medicine

In addition to that, prices of genome sequencing are quickly reducing due to the research & development of rapid, high capacity whole genome sequencers by leading vendors such as Illumina. Obviously, a growing population, increasing desire for prenatal testing, and a growing number of cancer cases in an aging population are expected to further fuel the demand for next generation sequencing based diagnostics.
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Summer Savings

Scaling is in our DNA: Making Genomics Accessible
by Gabe Rudy,
VP of Product & Engineering

One of the things I absolutely love about the work we do at Golden Helix is keeping up with the changes in data analysis driven by the iterative and generational leaps in technology.But one thing has always been a constant since day one: we break preconceived notions of what scale of data a user can wrangle and analyze on their own single machine.

As we saw the density of microarrays go from tens of thousands of probes to millions, with studies similarly scaling in the number of samples, we carefully constructed our data structures and algorithms to swap in and out pieces of these large matrixes to display spreadsheets, run statistics and plot the per-marker results (in the iconic "Manhattan Plot" for example).
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Check out our new and updated eBooks!

Since the start of 2016, Andreas Scherer has updated the GWAS eBook and written a new one on data warehousing!
  • Download the GWAS eBook here!�

  • Download the Genetic Data Warehousing eBook here!

New SVS Meta-Analysis Example Project
by Greta Linse Peterson,
Director of Services

The latest version of the GWAS eBook featured a chapter on Meta-Analysis. We are pleased to make the project used in this chapter available as an example project for SVS (SNP & Variation Suite). This blog post will walk you through the analysis steps used in the example project. This information is also contained in the User Notes view in the project navigator for all project nodes that have the "N" tag to the left of the node name.

You can follow along either with a licensed version of SVS or with the SVS Viewer. The SVS Viewer is available for free and allows you to view existing projects (spreadsheets and non-genomic plots) and visualize data in genomic contexts using GenomeBrowse.
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The Golden Helix Soccer Team
by Cheryl Rogers,
Director of Marketing

I recently received a very special email from a long time Golden Helix customer, Dr. Vanessa Hayes of the Garvan Institute of Medical Research in Sydney, Australia. In 2010 Dr. Hayes, then of the J. Craig Venter Institute, joined several colleagues in collaboration on The Southern African Genome Project. The project was aimed at including African genomes in existing databases, such as HapMap, 1000 Genomes, etc.

Hayes' work in the genome project not only helped to put African genomes on the map, but also led to a collaborative research project surrounding genetic admixture.
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   CEO Corner
Andreas Scherer
This month we launched VSWarehouse, our latest addition to the VarSeq Clinical Suite. The product gives labs the opportunity to handle the vast amount of data that accumulates over time. It allows labs to answer questions such as "Have I seen this variant before?" or "Has the pathogenicity assessment of a variant changed recently". We are fortunate enough to have a few clients already adopting our technology. GenomeWeb covered our launch graciously. We are very excited about the prospects that Golden Helix has in the genetic warehousing space. If you want to learn more, please download our eBook on this topic. In addition, to see VSWarehouse in action, you can view our recent webinar on it here.

Early Adopter Program

Become 1 of 3 early adopters of VSWarehouse and recieve huge savings!

Until the official release of VSWarehouse in late March, we are offering an early adopter discount to three customers!

Conduct your complete analysis from VCF to a clinical report with VarSeq quickly filtering millions of variants to just those of interest. From there, VSReports can then be used to generate a fully customized, clinical-grade report with VSPipeline being used to lock down quality control and filtering parameters, creating a high-throughput environment. VSWarehouse will then allow for the storage and access of variant data, clinical reports and public and private annotation tracks.

Here are the details of the offer:

� 15 month license at a 50% discount
� Includes 3 VarSeq licenses, VSReports & VSPipeline (NO additional charge!)
� Work with Golden Helix developers as we further develop VSWarehouse's product road map
� The Early Adopter Program is limited to 3 customers and your commitment is required by March 15th, 2016

If you are interested in learning more or becoming a part of this program,
contact Andreas Scherer today!

   Customer Success

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