New & Improved COSMIC Database for NGS Cancer Analyses

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Recorded On: Wednesday, January 9, 2019

With Next-Gen Sequencing becoming a routine method of rapidly investigating cancer mutations, having access to accurate and large somatic variant catalogs is paramount. We at Golden Helix are excited to announce our newly released COSMIC 87 track. This updated version of the world's largest and most comprehensive somatic track provides a number of significant improvements. This includes not only an increase of ~1.1 million variants but also improvements on evidence accessibility and as always maintaining data quality. As a result of our 20+ years of bioinformatics experience, users have come to trust and rely on our data curation since our goal is to ensure highly efficient and accurate variant analysis. With this webcast, we are going to focus on the new capabilities users have when integrating COSMIC into their cancer workflow. We will also discuss the implications and value of relying on top data quality data curation maintained here at Golden Helix. Please join us as we seek to inform you on methods to optimize your cancer variant analysis!

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