SNP & Variation Suite Package Selection Guide

Golden Helix SNP & Variation Suite is offered in several different packages with annual subscription pricing. To request pricing, please complete our Pricing Request Form.

View SVS projects, spreadsheets, and plots
Data import/export (70+ file formats)
Spreadsheet editor
Python scripting
Spreadsheet manipulation (subset, merge, append, etc.)
General data filtering
Column and row statistics
General plotting (heat maps, scatter plots, box plots, etc.)
Create and merge marker maps, genomes, and annotations
Genome browser    
Numeric regression analysis
Numeric PCA analysis
Numeric association testing    
Genotype statistics and filtering (call rate, HWE, MAF, etc.)
Genotype data manipulation (recoding, strand flipping, biallelic expansion, etc.)
Genotype quality assurance (IBD, autosome heterozygosity, Mendelian error checking, LD pruning, etc.)
Genotype principal component analysis
Genotype association testing
LD and haplotype analysis
Runs of homozygosity analysis        
Filter by Polyphen and SIFT Score  
Collapsing and association methods  
Variant binning  
Variant classification  
Detect compound heterozygous inheritance  
Scoring of recessively inherited variants          
CNV quality assurance (wave detection/correction, DLRS, winsorizing, etc.)
CNV optimal segmenting (univariate and multivariate)
CNV discretization
GPU acceleration for CNV segmentation          
Pre-study power calculations
PBAT family-based QA
PBAT genotype analysis
PBAT CNV analysis            
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