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Add-on Scripts

Add-On Scripts

Visit our Add-On Script Repository for freely available scripts to enhance SVS.



Get step-by-step instructions for a number of beginner to advanced analytic workflows.




View archived webcasts about SVS and industry best practices.


What's New

What's New

Check out what's new in the latest version of SVS.


SVS Manual

SVS 8 Manual

A complete reference for how to use the software and the theories behind it.


Example Data and Projects

Example Data and Projects

Download example datasets and projects that you can use to learn the software.


System Requirements

System Requirements

Read up on the hardware required to run SVS.


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Explore the Golden Helix blog, case studies, and e-news.



Contact our Support Team if you have a question about SVS.


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Request pricing for SVS.


Request Evaluation

Request that someone contact you about evaluating SVS.



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