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Recurent activating ACVR1 mutations in diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma

Taylor, K et al.
Institute of Cancer Research, London, UK


Mutation Analysis of the ERCC4/FANCQ Gene in Hereditary Breast Cancer

Kohlhase, S et al.
Hannover Medical School, Germany


Immunochip Analysis Identifies Multiple Susceptibility Loci for Systemic Sclerosis

Mayes, M et al.
University of Texas, Houston, TX


Genetic Substructure of Kuwaiti Population Reveals Migration History

Alsmadi, O et al.
Dasman Institute, Kuwait


A Genome-Wide Association Study of Total Serum and Mite-Specific IgEs in Asthma Patients

Kim, J et al.
Sogang University, Republic of Korea


Complex Patterns of Genomic Admixture within Southern Africa

Petersen, D et al.
J. Craig Venter


CSK regulatory polymorphism is associated with systemic lupus erythematosus and influences B-cell signaling and activation

Manjarrez-Orduno, N et al.
Feinstein Institute of Medical Research, New York


Technical Reproducibility of Genotyping SNP Arrays Used in Genome-Wide Association Studies

Hong, H & Lambert, C et al.
US Food and Drug Administration


Limitations of the Human Reference Genome for Personalized Genomics

Rosenfeld, J et al.
University of Medicine & Dentistry of New Jersey


Risk of developing chronic lymphocytic leukemia is inrfluenced by HLA-A class I variation

Di Bernardo, M et al.
Institute of Cancer Research, UK


Amplified Genes May Be Overexpressed, Unchanged, or Downregulated in Cervical Cancer Cell Lines

Vazquez-Mena, O et al.
Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México


Genetic Variation in Cell Death Genes and Risk of Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma

Schuetz, J et al.
University of British Columbia


Genome-Wide Association Study in Bipolar Patients Stratified by Co-Morbidity

Kerner, B & Lambert, C
UCLA & Golden Helix


A GWAS follow-up study reveals the association of IL12RB2 gene with Systemic Sclerosis in Caucasian populations

Bossini-Castillo, L. et al
Instituto de Parasitología y Biomedicina López-Neyra


Genetic Variants in TGF-β Pathway Are Associated with Ovarian Cancer Risk

Yin, J. et al
The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center


Mutations in FYCO1 Cause Autosomal-Recessive Congenital Cataracts

Chen, J. et al
National Eye Institute


Risk HLA-DQA1 and PLA2R1 Alleles in Idiopathic Membranous Nephropathy

Stanescu, H. et al
University College London


Mutations in Fanconi anemia genes and the risk of esophageal cancer


Akbari, M. et al
University of Toronto

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