VSPGx is a pharmacogenomics interpretation software based on CPIC recommendations


The PGx Variant Detection and Recommendation algorithm identifies pharmacogenomic diplotypes and annotates them with drug recommendations. By default, diplotypes are annotated against recommendations provided by the Clinical Pharmacogenetics Implementation Consortium (CPIC).

Identify Alleles

Identifying the named alleles present at all positions required according to the CPIC guidelines to define a diplotype for a given gene.

Matching to Recommendations

Once diplotypes have been assigned for each gene, VSPGx matches these diplotypes to phenotypes and recommendations.

Structural Variations

PGx Variant Detection and Recommendation algorithm can be used to report on phenotypic data and treatment recommendations for structural variations and copy number deletions or duplications.


After running PGx Variant Detection and Recommendations, a clinical report can be generated using VSPGX's customizable reporting system. VSPGX comes shipped with an initial PGx Word®-based report template that serves as a starting point for creating custom reports.

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Technical Specifications

VarSeq is on-premises software, ensuring full control over installation and data management. It is compatible with various deployment environments including workstations, server setups with remote desktop access, and private cloud servers.

The software is optimized for operation within strict corporate firewalls. It seamlessly integrates with existing web proxy configurations, ensuring uninterrupted functionality in secured network infrastructures. VarSeq's internet connectivity requirements are minimal. It only needs to connect to a select group of Golden Helix servers. This connection is essential for license verification and accessing annotation data updates.

See System Requirements for more details of hardware and operating systems requirements based on planned workflows.