As we continue to enable precision medicine, we have developed a pharmacogenomics interpretation solution designed for hospitals and testing labs. Our latest software offering, VSPGx, is a pharmacogenomics interpretation software based on the Clinical Pharmacogenetics Implementation Consortium (CPIC) recommendations and is designed to streamline the creation of pharmacogenetic reports. With VSPGx, clinicians are able to translate genetic test results into actionable insights on how genomic factors affect drug response. We welcome you to the cutting edge of medical innovation, where genomics inform tailored healthcare solutions.

Recommended Learning Materials

We have a variety of supplemental learning materials that are an excellent resource for anyone interested in the industry or our software solutions. Here are some of our recommended materials for you to check out related to VarSeq!


Check out our Pharmacogenetics eBook:

Pharmacogenetics eBook Download Now


Watch an informative webcast on VSPGx:

VSPGx Webcast

This webcast will cover VarSeq's new PGx testing capabilities, including identifying actionable diplotypes, incorporating CNVs and SVs, and generating customizable reports.

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VarSeq 2.6.0 is Released!:
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Webcast Recap and Q & A: Introducing VSPGx: Pharmacogenomics Testing in VarSeq:
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Golden Helix is Launching VSPGx:
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