Check out our newest t-shirts!

         October 30, 2014

As you might recall, we hosted our first annual t-shirt design contest this summer. We announced the winners, but kept the winning t-shirt designs themselves top secret until ASHG where we unveiled them day by day. But, if you did not attend ASHG last week, you are probably still on the edge of your seat.

Well, luckily, I will reveal the winning designs and you can get back to business as usual 🙂

Our third place design was created by our own Dr. Bryce Christensen. These shirts were definitely a hit at ASHG, especially for the little ones. Can you imagine it as a onesie?!


Second place was awarded to Dr. Alexander Weiss at Mount Sinai Hospital in Ontario.


Dr. Weiss also snagged first place which was definitely the ASHG favorite! Personally, I think this one resonates with many of us in the community.


So where do you get one of these t-shirts you ask? There are 2 ways. 1.) visit us at PAG 2015 in San Diego, OR 2.) visit our zazzle store and pick up one you like best!

Our t-shirt design contest was such a success, that we will host our 2nd annual next summer, so stay tuned and get the creative juices flowing!

Where do you wear your Golden Helix T’s? Tweet us your photos @GoldenHelixInc!

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