Genomics in the City of Brotherly Love

         April 30, 2014

Philadelphia. The City of Brotherly love, home of the Philadelphia cheesesteak, and home to the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, who took the No. 1 spot in this year’s U.S. News & World Report’s Best Children’s Hospitals Honor Roll.

We are honored (and excited!) to sponsor this year’s Mid-Atlantic Epidemiology and Statistics (MAGES) Conference at the University of Pennsylvania. MAGES will address a topic of mounting importance: the need for the ability to analyze different types of genomic data together.

With advancements in technology and an overall decline in the cost of genetic analysis, the community has an abundance of high-dimensional data at their fingertips. How we utilize and combine this data in our analysis is of vital importance to understanding the complexities surrounding human disease.

MAGES will provide a platform for many of the thought leaders in the community to present their experiences with these analytical challenges. There will be three sessions: Analysis of complex datasets, Statistical models for integrated analytical methods, and Future developments in high-dimensional data analysis. The conference will conclude with a roundtable in which our own CEO & President, Andreas Scherer, will moderate.

The conference will be held May 30, 2014 in the Colket Translational Research Building at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and is organized by the Center for Genetics and Complex Traits of the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania. The conference is free to attend and includes lunch and coffee breaks. For more information and registration, please visit the MAGES website at:

As genomics continues to advance, using a unified analytical framework will become a necessity. MAGES is sure to provide great insights on the successes and challenges combining genetic data in your research. We look forward to seeing you there!

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