What to know about VSReports

         October 27, 2015

What you need to know

At the beginning of October, VSReports came to VarSeq. Since then, we have been getting rave reviews from our customers. As Dr. Andreas Scherer mentioned earlier this month, VSReports takes the output of your tertiary variant analysis and converts it into a fully customized and actionable clinical grade report in just one click. Additionally, VSReports ships with OMIM and two different report templates, one for hereditary analysis and one for cancer analysis, free of charge. To get more details on VSReports, you can read Dr. Scherer’s post.

What you should also know is that through the end of October, we are offering introductory pricing on VSReports. Our introductory pricing includes a 25% discount as well as a 15 month license (rather than our customary 12 month license) which essentially represents another 25% price reduction! This will be the very best pricing we will offer, so don’t miss out! You can email us at info@goldenhelix.com or fill out a pricing request on our website here.

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