Empowering Biologists to Perform Complex Analysis

         January 14, 2016
Golden Helix
Golden Helix was named one of the Top 10 Analytics Solutions Providers for 2016 by Pharma Tech Outlook!

Analytics Solutions Providers

We are very excited to be honored in this month’s issue of Pharma Tech Outlook as one of 2016’s top ten Analytics Solutions Providers.

Read the interview with our CEO, Andreas Scherer here: Empowering Biologists to Perform Complex Analyis

We want to give a huge THANK YOU to all of our customers for their everlasting support in our success as we continue to work towards offering you the most up to date analytics software available for all of your research and diagnostic needs.

View the PDF version here


About Golden Helix
We are inspired by significance. Not only statistical, but technological, scientific, and personal significance. It’s embodied in everything we and our customers do. And we believe the only way to achieve significance is by transcending the status quo. Every day we strive for extraordinary analytic and technological advancements that empower scientists around the world to pursue that which is truly significant: from uncovering the genetic causes of disease and transforming drug discovery to developing genetic diagnostics and advancing the quest for personalized medicine. To learn more about how we are accelerating the quest for significance visit www.goldenhelix.com.
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