GWAS eBook – 2nd Edition

         January 12, 2016

I hope your 2016 is off to a good start! We at Golden Helix have been busy preparing and planning new and updated content for the community. First up is an updated GWAS ebook which includes a sample Meta-analysis example project.

In the 2nd edition, we start with an introduction to GWAS exploring its biology and origins as well as the practical use of GWAS. Next, we will look at performing a GWAS in the context of the SVS software, discussing quality control, including sample statistics, heterozygosity, LD pruning, population stratification and identity by descent. From there we move on to genotype association testing and we close with a walk through conducting a Meta-Analysis.

My GWAS 2nd Edition ebook is available to download for free on our website. Get your copy here.


Keep your eyes peeled for more new content from us as we have quite the line-up for the first half of 2016!

One thought on “GWAS eBook – 2nd Edition

  1. Park Beom-Seok

    Thank you for good information.
    I could not get the GWAS 2nd edition by clicking “here” on the post.
    I will appreciate very much, if you send the PDF file of GWAS 2nd edition via the e-mail (


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