Golden Helix Gives Back

         November 10, 2014

Over the last several years, NIH funding and academic budgets have been taking drastic cuts. This means for many of our clients, that they have to submit more grants than ever. We want to give the community a bit of break.

We at Golden Helix are committed to empowering researchers in the life sciences field and over the years, our company has received excellent support from the community. Researchers utilize our software to conduct leading edge work. In times like this, we want to say thank you and give back to the genomics community. The lack of funding can halt important research. It can prevent researchers from generating preliminary data that would justify further grants. For this reason, we introduce Golden Helix Gives Back in hopes of alleviating some of this burden.

Golden Helix Gives Back will provide a one year software license of either the SNP & Variation Suite (SVS) or VarSeq to three worthy entrants. Entrants will be selected based on the importance of the biological question under study and the impact it may have on the field, the overall study design and analysis methodology, the application of research and how the project will help move the area forward, financial need, and how Golden Helix software will assist in the research.

We will begin to accept applications today, Monday, November 10th. For more details, please visit our website at


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