Introducing GenomeBrowse: A revolutionary visual experience for genomic data

         August 29, 2012

As first announced in October 2011 and previewed in a blog post last month, Golden Helix has been hard at work for the last year developing a free genome browser called GenomeBrowseTM. We are now beyond excited to announce that GenomeBrowse will be available to the public on September 12th on our website. (Did we mention it’s free?)

GenomeBrowse raises the bar on the experience of exploring and finding key insights into your genomic data. Not to brag, but every component has been designed and optimized to give you a user-experience beyond imagination. It’s pretty dang awesome, if we do say so ourselves.

To get a taste of the awesomeness, we hope you can join us for the webcast launch of GenomeBrowse at noon EDT on Sept 12. Our VP of Product Development, Gabe Rudy (also known as the GenomeBrowse expert extraordinaire) will showcase the tool including showing you how to:

  • View cloud-based public and private NGS samples with the context of public annotations like the 1000 Genomes variant list, NHLBI Exome Sequencing Project, and OMIM catalog.
  • Validate putative causal variants by investigating the read-based evidence from BAM files. Mismatch emphasis, read depth, and quality scores gives you confidence in your variants and lets you throw out false-positives.
  • Analyze a trio to browse variant inheritance between parents and child. Follow up on putative recessive, de Novo, or compound heterozygous variants to ensure their quality.
  • Investigate differentially expressed genes and splicing structure through the coverage profiles and pile-ups of RNA-seq data.
  • Navigate and fluidly browse from the single base to whole genome view without losing the context of what your data is telling you and without the disorienting jitters of other browsers.

Make sure to be there for the launch of what’s sure to be an entirely new visual experience for genomic data!

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