Looking forward to ASHG

         October 2, 2014

The 64th annual ASHG meeting is coming up in just a few short weeks in San Diego. This year’s event will be an exciting one for Golden Helix as we present VarSeq, with the first demonstration on Sunday at 11:30 am in booth 422. After the demonstration we will have some great VarSeq t-shirts to give away – you will not want to miss it!

The Golden Helix team will continue to provide VarSeq demonstrations throughout the conference along with demos of SVS 8.2 as well as our free product, GenomeBrowse. During our scheduled demos, we will be unveiling and giving away the winning designs from our t-shirt contest this summer. Check back next week when we post our schedule.

Outside of our in-booth demos, Greta Linse Peterson, our Director of Product Management and Quality will be presenting “A logistic mixed model approach to obtain a reduced model score for KBAC to adjust for population structure and relatedness between samples.” The event will be held Monday, October 20th in room 20A at 6:15 PM in the Statistical Methods for Population Based Studies session.

Be sure to follow us on Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter to receive pre-event updates, and #ASHG for updates during the conference.

See you soon in booth 422!

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