Mendelspod Podcast with Dr. Lambert: Looking at the Big Picture of Bioinformatics

         April 17, 2013

Recently, Dr. Christophe Lambert joined the esteemed Theral Timpson over at Mendelspod to talk a bit about the big picture of bioinformatics. This 37 minute podcast references a recent blog post by Christophe on Illumina competing with its customers, the notion that if the end user isn’t buying that no one is selling, and learning from our GWAS mistakes.

One tidbit:

“[Goldratt] said ‘Unless the end consumer has bought, you must consider that nobody in the supply chain has sold.’… [In genetics,] the ultimate end consumer is really us… When we start looking at that macro picture, we’re rolling money into R&D for better drugs, for better genetic testing, etc. and if you look at the curve of longevity of human lifespan in Western countries, it’s just gone up linearly… We haven’t seen [exponential curves such as Moore’s Law] with the ultimate sort of end product that we’re looking at, which is, are we living longer as well as healthier.”

Check out the podcast here:

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