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         March 24, 2015

Over the last year our blog has seen a boom in visits and of course, I became curious. What brings people to “Our 2 SNPs…”? So, I decided to take a look at the blog posts that our community find the most intriguing. Here are my findings:

  1. Comparing BEAGLE, IMPUTE2, and Minimac Imputation Methods for Accuracy, Computation Time, and Memory Usage – As the title hints at, this blog posts compares imputation methods. So which method takes the prize? All programs outperformed others in certain areas, so it really depends on your specific needs.
  2. A Hitchhiker’s Guide to Next Generation Sequencing – Part 1 – Gabe Rudy’s first post in a series of 3 which cover the evolution of sequencing technologies as a research tool, the bioinformatics of getting raw sequence data into something you can use, and finally the challenges and unmet needs Golden Helix sees in the sense-making of that processed sequence data. Part 1 covers the history and forces behind the decreasing cost curve of producing sequence data.
  3. A Hitchhiker’s Guide to Next Generation Sequencing – Part 2 – In part 2, Gabe explores, in depth, what goes into the analysis of sequence data and why both the cost and complexity of the bioinformatics should not be ignored.
  4. The New Human Genome Reference and Clinical Grade Annotations: It’s All About the Coordinates – This post, was sparked by the ever present topic of aggregating, sharing, and updating genomic data during the 2014 Molecular Tri-Conference in San Francisco.
  5. The State of NGS Variant Calling: DON’T PANIC!! – This post compares the same samples’ variant calls from a representative set of three sources: Complete Genomes, the Illumina Genome Network, and a typical Core Lab’s pipeline (hosted by the 1000 Genomes folks at the Broad Institute).

It is clear to me that our followers and subscribers at “Our 2 SNPs…” are eager to stay informed in a space that is continually evolving and changing. Equally so, the Golden Helix team is committed to keeping the community informed. I’d say, it’s a great match!

One final note: If there is a topic that you have been anxious to see us address, please feel free to get in touch with us at info@goldenhelix.com.

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