SVS 7.7 is here!

         November 19, 2012

After much anticipation, we are excited to announce that SVS 7.7 is available! It’s been a lot of work, but we are pleased with the result and know you will be too!

SVS 7.7 includes:

Improved RNA-Seq Analysis Package for mRNA Expression Profiling

  • Import tabularized quantification data from the Golden Helix pipeline or other sources.
  • Utilize DESeq to perform differential expression analysis on RNA sequence count data.
  • Visualize results with dendrogram heatmaps and volcano plots.

Streamlined DNA-Seq Workflows

  • Analyze trios by scoring compound heterozygous regions, filtering on rare recessives, and identifying de Novo variants.
  • Perform variant quality assurance and advanced filtering based on pedigree Ref/Alt, dbNSFP or NHLBI ESP6500, and sample genotypes.
  • Numerous steps streamlined for considerably quicker analyses.

And more!

  • Updated SVS welcome screen with Technical Support Bulletin feed.
  • Build a pedigree from row labels.
  • Compare variants across several spreadsheets.
  • Import tool improvements.

For more information on what’s new, see our Release Notes.

And don’t miss seeing it in action on Tuesday, November 20th via a live webcast with Greta Linse Peterson, Product Quality Manager and Senior Statistician:


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