New Plant and Animal Genomes and Tracks Now Available!

         January 3, 2013

Happy new year! We hope all of our readers, clients, and users had a great holiday season filled with friends and family! While Golden Helix did take a break from blogging in December, we’ve still been pretty busy bringing you new and exciting things.

We’re pleased to announce the addition of genome maps and annotation tracks for two new plant species and added new versions of genome maps and annotation tracks for the cow and pig genomes. These new Reference Sequence and Gene tracks are available for use in both SVS 7 and GenomeBrowse.

New Species:

New Genome Builds:

The new plant genome maps are currently available in SVS 7.7.1 and the new cow and pig genomes will be shipped with SVS 7.7.2. If you do not have either of these versions, you can get the genome maps by going to Tools > Manage Genome Maps and click on Download from Golden Helix.

To make these genome map or maps available for use in GenomeBrowse 1.0.6 or earlier, from SVS please go to Tools > Open Folder > Genome Maps Folder and copy the new genome map(s). Then from GenomeBrowse, go to Tools > Open Folder > Program Folder and place the genome map(s) in the GenomeMaps folder.

To obtain the new annotation tracks for these genomes, from SVS please go to Tools > Manage Annotation Tracks and click on Download from Network…. You can filter the species and build by using the drop down menus. Select the Reference Sequence and gene track and click Download. Once these tracks are downloaded they will be available for use in both SVS and GenomeBrowse.

We are continuing to add new annotation tracks, support new species, and update genome builds. If you would like to request a particular database be converted into an annotation track or would like to see a particular species or build be available in SVS and GenomeBrowse, please email us and let us know!

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