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         January 9, 2018

2017 was an incredibly prosperous year for Golden Helix; we released a handful of new features, announced new partnerships and completed our end-to-end architecture for clinical testing labs. Our webcast series has become a very popular way for our community to stay up-to-date with our new capabilities and best practices in genetic analysis using our software. We had three webcast presentations in particular that were very well received by our community. I have listed these below to give viewers a thorough understanding of our software and the exciting things we’re doing here at Golden Helix.

Golden Helix’s End-to-End Solution for Clinical Labs

In this webcast, we provide an overview of our complete end-to-end clinical stack. Initially, we walk through our powerful secondary analysis pipeline which allows you to call SNVs and CNVs. We then demonstrate how various types of CNVs are called and discuss metrics that express the confidence associated with each call.

Comprehensive Clinical Workflows for Copy Number Variants in VarSeq

Enjoy this webcast recording where we review the expanded capabilities of CNV analysis in VarSeq including how to:

  • Annotate CNV against genes, population catalogs, and clinical sources
  • Automate the prioritizing of CNVs in your test-specific workflows with customized annotation and filtering steps
  • Interpret CNVs in your samples in conjunction with NGS variants with both visual and algorithm support
  • Capture the expert curation of variants in your labs in a CNV based Assessment Catalog
  • Expand your clinical reports with annotated and interpreted CNVs alongside your existing NGS variants
  • Centralize your knowledge-base in VSWarehouse for both variants and CNVs

Genomic Prediction Methods in SVS

The Golden Helix SNP and Variation Suite (SVS) offers three methods for genomic prediction: Bayes C, Bayes C-pi and Genomic Best Linear Unbiased Predictors (GBLUP). This webcast will discuss the principles of genomic prediction. It describes how these methods are applied within SVS predicting phenotypes for both plant and animal species. In addition, we show how k-fold cross-validation can be utilized optimizing predictive models.

You can find our entire webcast series here:

Join us as we continue our webcasts in 2018! We will be hosting a new webcast every three weeks, roughly. If you’re interested in receiving webcast invitations, please email us at

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