Agrigenomics 2.0 Webcast

         October 27, 2016

This month’s webcast, Agrigenomics 2.0 – Advanced Analysis to Accelerate Discovery, will feature two well known Agrigenomic researchers and long-time Golden Helix customers, Christopher Seabury of Texas A&M and Holly Neiburgs of Washington State University. These two will join our own Gabe Rudy for a look at advanced workflows in SVS to advance mammalian genetic research. We hope you can join us!

Agrigenomics 2.0 Webcastt Invite

Wednesday, November 9th @ 12 pm EST

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There are many methods and techniques available for Agrigenomic research. However, it may be surprising to learn how much can be accomplished with a single tool that is capable of data wrangling, analysis and visualization.

At Texas A&M, Dr. Chris Seabury demands a lot of his analysis tools. His research focuses on discovering loci and relevant variation that influences differential susceptibility to disease, adaptability and feed efficiency. Using Golden Helix SVS software, Dr. Seabury is able to leverage many built-in trait association tools including EMMAX, as well as Genomic Prediction with gBLUP, Bayes C and Bayes C-pi.

In this webcast, Dr. Seabury will present his latest research involving large cattle herd trait association and breeding management.

Similarly, at Washington State University, Dr. Holly Neibergs is performing research on genomic loci of economic interest to beef and dairy cattle. Dr. Neibergs will present on the comparison of various tools in the context of this research, including EIGENSTRAT.

At the end of the presentation, Gabe Rudy of Golden Helix will discuss upcoming features in SVS to support common Agrigenomic workflows. Specifically, he will discuss the streamlining of imputation to include a natively optimized BEAGLE imputation experience within Golden Helix SVS.

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