Command-line Interface added to Golden Helix’s VarSeq Software

         June 18, 2015

Golden Helix recently announced the addition of VSPipeline to our VarSeq software. VSPipeline is a command-line interface that will allow high throughput environments the ability to tap the full power of VarSeq’s algorithms and flexible project template system from any command line context, including existing bioinformatics pipeline.

VSPipeline supports the need to efficiently generate VarSeq projects from workflow-encoding project templates. Out of these automated pipelines will come fully produced VarSeq projects, ready for the technical and medical staff to jump into variant interpretation and reporting. Bioinformatics core labs can also leverage the fast and flexible annotation algorithms in VarSeq and Golden Helix’s unmatched and up-to-date public annotation repository with VSPipeline.

We are very excited about this addition to VarSeq and the new capabilities it provides our users. Read the full press release here.

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