Final thoughts on ESHG 2017

         June 6, 2017

We are back from another exciting trip to ESHG, hosted in Copenhagen, Denmark last week. We were delighted by the number of researchers and clinicians we were able to connect with. Needless to say,  the weather was outstanding in Copenhagen, which made our stay even more pleasant!

Even though this was a European event, it was great to be able to speak with our clients from all over the world. Of course, it was relatively easy for our European customers to make the trip to Copenhagen. We also had customers that came all the way from Australia, India and the U.S.. On a personal note, it is very exciting to see someone in person who we have been interacting with via email and phone, in some cases for years, and hear their thoughts. In particular, our existing customers showed interest in our enhanced CNV analysis capability and our Warehouse solution.

Many companies using other commercial vendors introduced themselves in pursuit of a more reasonable priced solution. As the number of samples they are processing increases, labs are realizing that a per-sample cost is unsustainable. We choose to offer a flat, annual fee, and this pricing model provides a predictable cost with no further use-based charges.

We also talked with a number of organizations  who are in the process of consolidating multiple labs and have decided to replace their in-house solutions with a commercial solution. This is a phenomenon we can detect in all crucial markets. It’s important to mention that for these consolidation projects, a solution like VSWarehouse is critical. In order to effectively consolidate and organize the data, labs need to leverage state-of-the-art warehousing technology. Our Warehouse can be the integration point that allows labs to synch up on best practices via the assessment catalog capability. In addition, it is able to link the lab to other applications such as EHR system from EPIC and Cerner.

ESHG 2017 proved to be another successful trip with many interesting conversations on recent trends in our industry. Many thanks to everyone who stopped by to learn more about our products or say hello! We look forward to hopefully seeing everyone again at ESHG 2018 in Milan, Italy!

2 thoughts on “Final thoughts on ESHG 2017

  1. Valentine Hyland

    Hi Andreas
    I was great to meet you and Gabe face to face also.
    Attending the conference encouraged me to join Twitter and it has been a great source for new information
    Best wishes from down under

    1. Andreas Scherer Post author

      Hi Val,
      It was really terrific to meet you in person. Thanks for all the good feedback. Certainly, we appreciate you sharing your experience with us among your peers.
      And yes, I saw some of your tweets already.

      Talk to you soon,



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