Genetic Testing for Cancer

         January 20, 2015

In 1914 the German cytologist Theodor Boveri coined the phrase “Cancer is a disease of the genome”. At this time his ideas were equally revolutionary as they were highly contested. Fast forward. More than hundred years later, Next-Generation Sequencing effectively permits a highly sensitive analysis of cancer cells. It can help us to understand mutations associated with cancer development and progression. It also reveals other genomic rearrangements previously unknown to occur in the cancer genome. Translation of these findings for clinical purposes is increasingly part of standard care today. I fully believe that next-generation sequencing will rapidly become a powerful tool for the personalized diagnosis and management of cancer. This e-book will focus on the parts of this process that are best understood: Cancer Gene Panels.

Detecting cancer at an early stage can make it much more treatable. Developing tests and making them clinically actionable is crucial to beat this disease. Hence, we came out with a new eBook covering the state of the art of gene panel tests for cancer. Of course there is more that can be done. The field is pushing into exome, whole genome and RNA sequencing to provide to capture more of the complex processes behind oncogenisis.

With VarSeq, Golden Helix has developed a software platform that supports gene panel analysis today leading to clinically actionable information. It also provides a framework allowing you to conduct whole exome and genome analysis as part of your ongoing research work. VarSeq is designed to be a crucial part of the bioinformatics pipeline of any testing lab.

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