Golden Helix is Launching VSPGx

         February 27, 2024

VSPGx is a pharmacogenomics interpretation software based on CPIC recommendations.

The field of pharmacogenetics bridges genetics and pharmacology, with the aim of optimizing drug therapies for individual patients based on their unique genetic makeup. It has the potential to revolutionize healthcare by improving drug efficacy, reducing adverse reactions, and advancing the concept of personalized medicine moving away from a one size fits all approach.

“VSPGx has been demanded by our customers world-wide. Golden Helix partnered with the NIH, who awarded us with a phase 1 SBIR (Award 1R43HG013456 – 01) to develop a first product addressing a vast need for this type of solution in the marketplace,” says Dr. Andreas Scherer, President and CEO of Golden Helix. We are delighted to present this new product for the first time at the Golden Helix ACMG User Meeting 2024 in Toronto to customers and interested parties.”

The Golden Helix ACMG User Meeting is a pre-conference meeting. Golden Helix will share the latest advancements and updates, including the launch of VSPGx. Other talks are covering topics such as whole genome analysis using long-read data and updates on Golden Helix CancerKB. Please visit to register and learn more about the meeting.

The PGx Variant Detection and Recommendation algorithm identifies pharmacogenomic diplotypes and annotates them with drug recommendations. By default, diplotypes are annotated against recommendations provided by the Clinical Pharmacogenetics Implementation Consortium (CPIC). If you are interested in trying out VSPGx, please visit us here.

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