Top 5 things you need to know about VSPipeline

         July 14, 2015

Recently, Golden Helix, Inc. announced the addition of VSPipeline to our VarSeq software suite. VSPipeline is a command-line interface that will allow high throughput environments the ability to tap the full power of VarSeq’s algorithms and flexible project template system from any command line context, including existing bioinformatics pipeline.

So, what is the big deal?

Here are the top five most important aspects of this new product.

1. Repeatable Workflows: For our users in CLIA and CAP certified labs, it’s a convenient way to lock down a workflow that has been designed in VarSeq. Once this task has been accomplished, this workflow (e.g. a gene panel or a specific whole exome workflow) can be automated. This further the reduces the chance of any human error.

2. Performance: Labs that are dealing with an increasing number of samples are able to achieve higher throughput by automating their entire pipeline from FastQ to final report. VSPipeline enables bioinformatic cores to automate the entire tertiary analysis process – saving time and allowing labs to scale to higher demands.

3. Curated annotation tracks: At Golden Helix, we spend a lot of time to get the little things right. We ship VarSeq and VSPipeline with a number of curated annotation sources, such as dbSNP, ClinVar and Cosmic (just to name a few). Data curation can be a hassle; it’s time consuming and expensive for a lab to do on their own. However, our careful curation process will ensure that you have the highest quality data and take the hassle out of your hands.

4. Enabling Deployment on-site and in the cloud: With VSPipeline we have the ability to deliver the product on-site. However, we also have the ability to deploy the product as part of a cloud based pipeline. We are actively working with strategic partners to enable cloud-based delivery of VarSeq and VSPipeline, respectively.

5. Streamlined business model: VarSeq and VSPipeline are sold as an attractive bundle. Our clients are paying a simple license fee without any per sample charges.

VarSeq has been very well received by our clinical users and has provided them with immediate impact. Now, VSPipeline becomes key to scale up precision medicine. Please stay tuned for customer announcements in the coming months as well as updates on new products that will further enable our clinical users.

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