What to expect from Golden Helix in 2018

         January 2, 2018

First of all, I wish you a prosperous 2018 along with happiness and health for you and your loved ones. This next year comes with lots of anticipation. We at Golden Helix are looking forward to another year of growth and innovation.

Over the last few years, we were able to build a large following of clients in the clinical space. As next-gen sequencing becomes widely adopted, our powerful clinical stack has had significant adoption on a global basis. Our filtering and annotation engine, VarSeq, initially designed to interpret single nucleotide variations, is now able to analyze copy number variations in conjunction with our new product VS-CNV. This is a game changer for many labs as we can simplify the clinical workflow significantly by reducing or even eliminating the need for confirmatory methods such as multiplex ligation-dependent probe amplification or chromosomal microarrays. Some of our customers and collaborators were able to create astonishing results which I will share with you separately. We have also just recently made this capability available in SVS. This means our research centric clients are now able to conduct CNV analysis on NGS data as well.

In 2018, we will continue to zero in on the needs of our clinical users by providing additional capabilities and convenience around clinical interpretation. It is our goal to further simplify this process while ensuring that applicable guidelines are adhered to.

You will have the opportunity to meet us at various conferences around the year. Here some of the major conferences we will be attending:

  • PAG in San Diego, CA
  • ACMG in Charlotte, NC
  • ESHG in Milano, IT
  • ASHG in San Diego, CA
  • AMP in San Antonio, TX

You can see our full conference schedule and arrange to meet with our team at the events one-on-one by visiting: http://goldenhelix.com/company/Events/index.html.

Personally, I will attend all of these and hope to see you at one of these conferences in person.

We are humbled by the incredible support we have received up to this point. The fact that we were selected among the top 25 solution providers in the biotech industry by CIO Applications was the proverbial ‘icing on the cake’. Certain key aspects of our solution stack such as our CNV capabilities, our fixed fee business model (“Don’t pay per sample!”) and our high touch training and support model continue to resonate well with you. But, we don’t want to stop here. In 2018 we will be in touch with further updates as we roll out some exciting new capabilities.

Thank you again for your support. We look forward to continuing to partner with you in 2018.

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