2023 Innovation Awards

         December 1, 2022

We at Golden Helix love seeing our software and solutions out in action. Whether it is to find a clinical solution or to assist in academic research, seeing YOU use our tools to the best of their ability gets us excited to continue developing industry-leading software.

For the 2023 Innovation Awards, we would like to see all the creative and interesting ways you have applied Golden Helix software this year; remember, you do not have to have research previously published. Whether it is clinical lab work, hospital lab work, academic, government, or commercial, we want to see how you utilize our suite of tools.

So if you answer YES to one or more of the questions below, or have great examples of your workflows, then the 2023 Golden Helix Innovation Awards are for you!

  • Do you use Golden Helix software?
  • Do you use NGS analysis to treat patients?
  • Are you studying a particular disease category, or are you zeroing in on a specific population?
  • Have you incorporated the ACMG or AMP guidelines into your clinical workflow?
  • Do you leverage our research platform for plants, animals, or humans?
  • Do you work with CNVs?

So if you use Golden Helix software or wish to for your clinical or research work on any level, please enter our Innovation Awards for the chance to win some prizes! Click here to learn more and enter.

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