Golden Helix Announced BioTech Company of the Year by BioTech Breakthrough

         November 4, 2022

We are honored to be awarded and recognized in this year’s BioTech Breakthrough Awards.

“Advances in biological sciences, combined with accelerating development of computing, data processing, and AI are fueling a new wave of innovation in the healthcare sector. These advances are providing new understanding, new materials, new tools, as well as lower costs. We’re seeing trends in use of next-generation computing technology, growth in personalized treatment of rare diseases, vaccine development and the advancement of cell and gene therapies, to name a few,” said Bryan Vaughn, Managing Director of BioTech Breakthrough Awards. “It’s an exciting time in the industry and we are thrilled to highlight the ‘breakthrough’ biotechnology solutions, services and companies around the world for our 2022 program. We extend our sincerest congratulations to our 2022 BioTech Breakthrough Award winners.”

Thank you for this prestigious recognition – please find the full list of winners here.

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