Cited in 1,200+ Publications

         February 1, 2018

Golden Helix is fueled by our customers’ success; every product, every feature, every line of code is created to aid our users and their quest for discovery in the scientific community. As of today, our products have assisted users with 1,200+ publications. A process we know to be long, difficult and incredibly rewarding, it’s an absolute pleasure to be cited in your work and we congratulate you all on your success.

With immense pride, we would like to feature our customers who were recently published in the new year!

  • Kulkarni, K et al. (2018) Comparative genome analysis to identify SNPs associated with high oleic acid and elevated protein content in soybean Genome, DOI: Abstract
  • Malomane, D et al. (2018) Efficiency of different strategies to mitigate ascertainment bias when using SNP panels in diversity studies BMC Genomics, DOI: Abstract
  • Gueant, J et al. (2018) APRDX1 mutant allele causes a MMACHC secondary epimutation in cblC patients Nature Communications, DOI: 10.1038/s41467-017-02306-5 Abstract
  • Gorlova, O et al. (2018) Gene-level association analysis of systemic sclerosis: A comparison of African-Americans and White populations PLoS One, DOI: Abstract

To view our entire list of publications, you can find them on our site here.

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