Clinical Reporting comes to VarSeq

         September 17, 2015

The next release of VarSeq will ship a new product that is highly relevant to our customers in clinical testing labs. Via VSReports, VarSeq now has the ability to generate clinical-grade reports. These reports are fully customizable, containing focused and actionable data. VS Reports ships with report templates that are modeled off of the ACMG guidelines, the de-facto gold standard for clinical reporting.

Templates for both hereditary and cancer analysis are included free of charge. They should cover most clinical relevant scenarios, but our Services Organization is happy to work with you to design templates specific to your needs.  Additionally, reports can be branded and styled to match the documents that your lab typically produces. With tight integration to your analysis results, you can pull in additional annotation sources relevant to the sample tested.

Filtered to 5 Variants

By default, reports are created as HTML documents which can be exported to a PDF with a single click. Export formats are completely customizable and can be tailored to integrate with other services that use formats such as XML as their input.

Sample Report

Last but not least, VSReports will ship with a commercial version of OMIM free of charge. In addition, you will have access to a number of other annotation sources including Cosmic, Clinvar and many more that are already standard with any VarSeq license.

VarSeq, VSReports and VSPipeline are key enablers for Precision Medicine.

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