What to expect from Golden Helix in 2017

         January 17, 2017

The year 2017 is starting fast and furious for us here at Golden Helix. We just announced a new imputation capability for our SVS product. At the same time, members of our team are on the way to PAG in San Diego to network with our clients in the Plant and Animal community. We have a terrific plan in place for this year which revolves around the three center pieces of our mission to deliver advanced analytics capabilities in the genomics market space:

  • Value
  • Quality
  • Customer Satisfaction


Our overarching goal is to ensure that we deliver outstanding value to our clients. This means that we provide premium software capabilities at the right price point to make the application of our products in research and clinical settings possible. We have a wide network of stakeholders who advise us on important functions and features that make the life of our clients easier. In addition, we regularly mine our interactions with all clients for suggestions and feedback. This has led to a number of products over the last couple of years that are designed to support clinical labs at the various stages of their life cycle; from start-up to high-throughput lab. One of the areas that we will pay a lot of attention to in this year is the goal to simplify the analysis of Copy Number Variations and other structural variations. It’s our intent to deliver capabilities that would enable our clients to do most, if not all the work using NextGen Sequencing data, eliminating the need to do separate tests via chromosomal microarrays.

Along with that, it’s important that our offerings are of the highest quality level possible. Our clients conduct data analytics work that impacts patient outcome with our software. This is directly the case for clinical applications, but also our research clients derive conclusions based on the output of our software that might affect future research directions. Respectively, they confirm the efficacy of a particular treatment. So, our mission is to continue to deliver products at the highest possible level of quality so that our global customer base continues to trust us.

Lastly, we emphasize high customer satisfaction. We have many longstanding customers. It’s our goal to turn every new customer into a relationship that lasts for many years to come. Besides our products, it’s important that all of our clients receive world-class training so that they are able to leverage our software for their work. Also, they need to know that anytime there is an issue we are there to help.

I’d like to thank all of our clients for the trust that they have in us. We are committed to these three cornerstones in order to maximize the value we bring to you and your work.

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