Golden Helix named to 10 Innovative Biotechnology Solution Companies for 2021

         July 19, 2021
Golden Helix Top 10 Innovative Biotechnology Solution Companies for 2021

We are honored to be selected as MirrorReview’s 10 Innovative Biotechnology Solution Companies for 2021. This award would not be possible without the incredible support from our customers and partners. Thank you to our entire community! If you are interested in reading our story, and why we were selected for this award, you can access the publication here:

“Biotechnology has had a major role in evolving the health and medicine industry. In the past 50 years, the industry has led to the discovery of some of the remarkable solutions in history. Recently, The Human Genome Project, which took 13 years and wrapped up ahead of schedule in 2003, is now considered the stepping stone of modern genetic testing. With the rise in the demand for clinical research, solutions like bioinformatics are being sought highly.

In this ever-changing age of innovative biotechnology, Golden Helix has been delivering leading bioinformatics solutions for the advancement of life science research and translational medicine for over 20 years. It provides innovative technological and analytic services that empower scientists and healthcare professionals in deriving meaning from the rapidly increasing volumes of genomic data.”

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