Golden Helix’s VarSeq Software to Incorporate MedGenome’s OncoMD

         May 27, 2015

Today at Golden Helix, we are proud to announce our collaboration with MedGenome through an integration of OncoMD into our VarSeq software. Now VarSeq’s streamlined process of annotating and filtering variants will offer an added dimension.

OncoMD is a comprehensive knowledge base of cancer-specific genetic alterations, and by incorporating it into VarSeq, users can access to 2 million plus annotated cancer variants. Not only does this addition allow users to quickly prioritize actionable variants, but also make clinical decisions based on the sensitivity of variants to approved drugs and enrollment to open clinical trials.

We are excited to provide our users with a tool that is moving precision medicine forward, and meets clinician’s needs of better tailored diagnostics and therapeutic strategies. The full press release can be read on our website here.

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