N-of-One Integration comes to VSReports

         April 28, 2016

Submit directly to N-of-One from VarSeq

If you or your lab uses N-of-One solutions for clinical annotations, here’s some good news: You can now submit directly to N-of-One from VarSeq! N-of-One’s set of preferred transcripts may differ from those outputted by our algorithms in VarSeq, so our solution was built with that in mind. Our slick, easy to use, and specialized N-of-One report template is designed to prepare variants for submission according to N-of-One’s reporting specifications. This is more than just a template, this is a self-contained report generating program that utilizes N-of-One’s APIs and our advanced VSReports engine.

Main features of this report template:

  • Custom transcript list to report variants. This is a text field that you can paste into without processing directly from N-of-Ones provided assay specific support material.
  • Transcript lists are used as a configurable and update-able parameter of the report.
  • Built-in button to pull the latest SNOMED-Disease from N-of-One’s APIs. If N-of-One makes a change, you can update with a button and get the new list in a searchable combo box all within VarSeq. These are potentially customized for your lab by N-of-One and account for your unique N-of-One product identifier.
  • Search auto-completes for any disease containing the typed in characters.
  • Select variants in VarSeq to submit, preview the rendered XML file (or copy it out if you like) in the browser that will be submitted.
  • Use N-of-One’s APIs to submit the report, check on its status using their Submitted ID and retrieve the results XML.
  • Results XML can be copied out, or can also be rendered using the VarSeq reports template engine along with any other structured or project data to create a final report, customized to your lab’s specifications.

 N-of-One Report Template in VarSeq

Our implementation has been tested in detail and verified by the N-of-One technical team and deployed with a reference customer at an NCI Cancer Center.

As always, your reports can be further customized to meet your needs and preferences. If you have any questions, or would like a demo please contact us at support@goldenhelix.com

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