Personalized Medicine through Tumor Sequencing

         August 23, 2016

Join us for a guest presentation Personalized Medicine through Tumor Sequencing by Dr. Jeffrey Rosenfeld!

Tumor Sequencing
Wednesday, September 7th
12:00 pm EDT
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The identification of medications that target specific gene mutations is one of the major recent advances in cancer therapy. In 2001 Gleevec was approved to treat patients with the BCR-ABL fusion in chronic myelogenous leukemia (CML). Since then many more drugs have been developed. Currently, there are numerous ongoing trials to identify tumor drivers that can be attacked by a drug. In order to identify the mutations driving a tumor, the tumor needs to be sequenced. There are a range of different approaches for sequencing tumors ranging from the sequencing of a few genes in the tumor up to paired whole-exome sequencing in both the tumor and adjacent normal tissue. Each type of sequencing has benefits and drawbacks and a balance needs to be made between cost and usability of the results. We have developed a clinical workflow for a 50 gene panel that identifies mutations in hotspots in known cancer genes. This workflow uses BaseSpace, VarSeq and N-Of-One to provide insight for our physicians and patients.

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