PreventionGenetics to Use GoldenHelix’s VarSeq for Dx Test Offering

         February 9, 2015

Today, we at Golden Helix announced our collaboration with PreventionGenetics as they prepare to implement the VarSeq software into their exome sequencing pipeline.

The VarSeq software will allow PreventionGenetics to offer an exome test by dramatically speeding up the analysis process. VarSeq will narrow down sequence data into gene(s) of interest based on inheritance patterns, facilitating the identification of clinically relevant variants based on DNA sequence. PreventionGenetics plans to release exome sequencing for clinical diagnostics by mid-2015.

We are extremely pleased that VarSeq will help PreventionGenetics realize their goal of offering exome testing and we look forward to serving the evolving needs in the clinical market. The full press release can be read on our website here or on GenomeWeb here.

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