Our top eBooks for genomics enthusiasts

         February 8, 2018

Genomics eBooks

Our eBook series is made-up of short reads that cover a range of genomic industry topics. From simple bioinformatic concepts to the detailed structure of a genetic data warehouse, we have committed ourselves to provide the community with premium educational resources – at no cost!

The series is constantly changing with revisions and new additions, but we’ve found our top 3 most requested eBooks stay the same:


In this eBook, readers are introduced to GWAS, exploring its biology and origins, and its practical use. We give an explanation on how to perform a GWAS discussing quality control, including sample statistics, heterozygosity, LD pruning, population stratification and identity by descent. Other topics covered include genotype association testing and conducting a meta-analysis. This eBook talks about things such as:

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2. Secondary Analysis 2.0

Human genetic variation makes us unique. On average, humans are to 99.9% similar to each other. Understanding in detail what the nature of the difference in our genetic makeup is all about allows us to assess health risks, and eventually enables Precision Medicine as we determine treatment choices. Furthermore, it enables scientists to better understand ancient human migrations. It gives us insights into how certain populations are related to each other.

Andreas Scherer explains the concepts of next-generation sequencing in this eBook. He talks about the process in its entirety and gives a detailed example of what an integrated analysis looks like in the practice.

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3. Precision Medicine

This eBook discusses the different success factors for a wide adoption of Precision Medicine. We leverage Golden Helix’s two decades of experiences in the genetic space conducting business with hundreds of leading research organizations, genetic testing labs, pharma companies and government agencies. Topics covered include:

  • Tailoring diagnostic and therapeutic strategies
  • Regulatory issues
  • Adoption by patients and healthcare professionals
  • The educational challenge
  • Bioinformatics pipeline and system infrastructure

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Whether you’re a novice or an expert, our series is a great resource that provides you with information on topics regularly discussed in the bioinformatics field. Let us know what you think of our eBooks or if you have any questions on the topics covered!

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  1. Nancy

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful article. Hope everyone will find it at the right time. My favorite area of research is medicine and i find this book so interesting. The concepts are so clear and easy to understand. Thanks and best wishes.


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