What to expect from ASHG 2015

         September 29, 2015

The 65th annual ASHG in Baltimore will be another exciting one. We at Golden Helix have been very busy this year making great improvements to both SVS and the VarSeq software and we look forward to showcasing them during our in-booth demos. In particular, we will launch two new additions to the VarSeq software suite; VSReports and VSWarehouse.

VSReports brings highly customizable clinical report functionality to VarSeq, allowing you to convert the output of your tertiary analysis into a customized clinical report in one click. We presented VSReports in a webcast just last week.

We will also unveil VSWarehouse which will allow users to store every sample ever process in their lab, including all variants, associated annotations and clinical reports and will be the integration point with their existing LIMS systems.

Other demos will include VSPipeline which allows labs to create high throughput pipelines, gene panel, and whole exome analysis, GWAS with METAL and large-n rare variant collapsing methods.

Of course, we will be handing out our famous Golden Helix t-shirts after our demos, so stay tuned for a full demo schedule. We hope you will come to say hello. You will find us just inside the entrance to the exhibit hall in booth 311. Safe travels.

2 thoughts on “What to expect from ASHG 2015

    1. Mary Makris

      Hi Dave,

      We are currently looking into ways to offer epigenetic data analysis, but we do not have a set time frame on when that would be available.



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