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With the promise of precision medicine on the horizon, the demand for innovation in pharmaceutical research and development is growing. The key to discovering life changing medicines is to leverage pharmacogenomic data, ensuring patients receive maximum efficacy and minimal adverse effects.

At Golden Helix®, we provide our pharmaceutical customers with software that can quickly identify causal markers, test drug efficacy and assist in selecting patients for clinical trials. Our software brings both speed and efficiency to research and development efforts, reducing production costs and helping them get to market faster.
Identify Causal Markers

Golden Helix specializes in creating software to identify genes and variants underlying the biology of diseases and other traits.

Our VarSeq® platform provides a collection of tools to annotate and prioritize DNA sequence variants from gene panels, whole exome sequences and even whole-genome sequences. VarSeq allows researchers to annotate sequence variants with information from an extensive collection of curated public and commercial databases, predict the functional consequences of variants, and rank variants based on ontology connections with specific phenotypes. VarSeq can be linked with custom or proprietary variant databases and integrated with automated laboratory analysis pipelines to streamline the discovery process. Learn more about VarSeq here.

The SNP and Variation Suite™ (SVS) software enables gene discovery in large populations of patients with either sequencing or genotyping data. Whether you are working with case/control cohort studies or population research with quantitative traits, SVS provides you with an integrated and powerful analytic tool to zero in on causal variants and regions of interest. SVS provides numerous statistical methods for analysis of both common and rare variants. The interactive analysis and data visualization workflows in SVS make it very popular for genome-wide association studies, as well as rare-variant burden and collapsing analysis in genes. Learn more about SVS here.

Test Drug Efficacy

Patients in a clinical trial will not all respond to a drug in the same way, and there may be genetic factors that predict how a patient will respond. SVS and VarSeq can be used to compare the genomes of those who respond well to those who do not to identify candidate genes and variants that influence drug efficacy. If such candidates are found, they may be used to stratify subjects for further clinical trials.

Clinical Trial Admission

The variant annotation and reporting features in VarSeq make it an ideal solution for use in stratifying patients for clinical trials. VarSeq allows researchers to create analysis templates that automatically process the DNA sequence variants from each individual and quickly identify the patients with variants or mutations in genes of interest for a clinical trial. VarSeq can be integrated with your laboratory processes to analyze the patient data and produce reports with ease. Learn more about VarSeq here.

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