Cancer Diagnostics

Cancer is a group of diseases caused by changes in DNA. Mutations alter cell behavior, driving uncontrollable growth and malignancy. These abnormalities can take many forms, including DNA mutations, rearrangements, deletions, amplifications, and the addition or removal of chemical marks. These changes can cause cells to produce abnormal amounts of particular proteins or make misshapen proteins that do not work as they should. Often, a combination of several genomic alterations works together to promote cancer.

Once cancer-causing changes are identified, clinicians and scientists can better understand the molecular basis of cancer growth, metastasis, and drug resistance. This process is supported by our product CancerKB, which connects mutations and other biomarkers with existing FDA-approved treatment options or ongoing clinical trials.

We build a state-of-the-art diagnostic capability that allows Clinicians and Researchers to analyze tumor DNA, apply the guidelines by Association for Molecular Pathology (AMP) identifying pathogenic tumor-driving genomic aberrations. The findings are summarized in a clinical report along with all literature citations and supporting evidence.

User Perspective For Somatic Analysis in VSClinical AMP 

Watch as we show off the versatility and scalability of our AMP interpretation capabilities!

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