Golden Helix GenomeBrowse® visualization tool raises the bar on the experience of exploring and finding key insights into your genomic data. Every component has been designed and optimized to give you a user-experience beyond imagination.

Video Tutorials

We cover the basics of adding BAM files and public annotations, how to zoom, and get you familiar with the plot controls.

Getting Started PDF

Gets you up and running quickly! Includes an interface diagram and a reference sheet with shortcuts, keyboard controls, and more.

Community Site

Ask a question, report a bug, or suggest a new feature. Log-in with your GenomeBrowse credentials.

GenomeBrowse 2.0 Manual

Read the full GenomeBrowse manual to learn all about the product and its features!

Technical Support Bulletins

Notifications of known bugs, available scripts, and software updates.

How to Cite GenomeBrowse

Screenshots from GenomeBrowse should be cited as follows in the text of an article. "v2.x" should be replaced with the version number. If dot version number is unknown, "v2" or "v1" can be used. Image numbers should be listed in citation.

Screenshots are from Golden Helix GenomeBrowse ® visualization tool v2.x by Golden Helix, Inc. Images (list numbers) are from the software.

Software should also be cited in the References, Web References, or Bibliography section as follows:

Golden Helix GenomeBrowse ® visualization tool (Version 2.x) [Software]. Bozeman, MT: Golden Helix, Inc. Available from

NOTE: We do not currently offer phone or email support for GenomeBrowse. Please direct all questions to our community site.