The Golden Helix Difference

With over two decades of experience in the genetics space we support NGS labs providing excellence of care at the highest level. Whether running a national initiative or just starting out, our seven pillars of differentiation set us apart, and allow labs to focus on what's essential: enabling precision medicine.

Single Solution
Golden Helix is able to provide comprehensive cancer and germline diagnostics capabilities. We help streamline your labs by supporting both cancer and germline tests, eliminating the need for two different platforms. This simplifies training of employees, eliminates the need to interact with multiple vendors and most importantly minimizes any friction due to incompatible data formats. Our solution is designed to bring the power of NGS for cancer and germline diagnostics in one system. 

While gene panels continue to be part of the testing mix, the industry is shifting towards clinical exomes and whole genomes. Our platform supports the analysis of any size of data you might encounter, from gene panels to whole exomes or genomes.

Automated pipeline capabilities allow your lab to increase sample volume with ease. Whether you are a regional lab with an ever-increasing sample volume or you are operating a country-wide sequencing initiative, our software solution is capable to support the throughput as you are experiencing continued growth in sample volume. 

One major aspect of gaining efficiency is to get the diagnosis right the first time. Any amount of reworking clinical reports needs to be minimized. We were able to confirm in clinical trials and by the testimony of our customers that our software saved time on report production and produced the highest-quality reports while minimizing rework in the lab. 

Flexible Deployment
Our solution is able to run on premises behind the firewall of your organization. You can have full control over the infrastructure while running our award-winning analytics software. We actually provide solutions for those customers who need to have a high secure deployment capability eliminating any outside connectivity as they are operating in highly sensitive computing environments. Equally, it’s possible to deploy our platform in a private cloud. Some customers opt for this solution as they want to simplify their IT operations. 

Business Model
Our business model is simple: we charge one annual fee for our software, training, and support. That way, you can budget accordingly, knowing what your costs will be year after year. Unlike per-sample models that participate in your revenue stream as sample volume increases, our fee remains the same no matter how many samples come through your lab. 

We are here for our customers and want them to feel fully empowered by our software. That's why we take a very proactive approach to customer success. From the moment you first contact us, our team is there to help you get up to speed on all of the features and functionality of our NGS software. Then, throughout your licensing period, we are available for unlimited support – just like an extension of your own team.  

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Maximizing Profitability in Your NGS Testing Lab

This webinar covers how to develop repeatable cancer and germline interpretation workflows that scale from panels to whole exomes and genomes.

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