Hereditary Diseases

Genomic medicine enables the assessment of undiagnosed Mendelian conditions. The findings can be used to guide the development of preventative or therapeutic interventions. Sometimes, findings simply end the diagnostic odysee giving patients and family members an answer to the underlying causes of a disease or trait. While individually rare, Mendelian conditions impact millions of individuals and families. Over 8000 distinct disease traits are cataloged to date caused by rare single nucleotide variants (SNV), small insertion/deletion (indel) variants, and copy number variants (CNVs).

The Golden Helix Varseq Platform allows clinicians and researchers to understand the relationship between genes their associated observed clinical phenotypes. We support the categorization of Mendelian conditions observing autosomal dominant (AD), autosomal recessive (AR), X-linked (XL), or mitochondrial patterns of inheritance.

Our platform supports the full range of testing paradigms typically used in the clinic: Gene Panels, Clinical Exomes and Whole Genomes. Our VSClinical product supports the application of the guidelines issued by the American College of Medical Genetics (ACMG) evaluating the pathogenicity of mutations.

Maximizing Profitability in Your NGS Testing Lab

Learn how to develop repeatable cacner and germline interpretation workflows that scale from panels to whole exomes and genomes.

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